Алексей Корованенко

Aleksei Korovanenko is Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Sales Solutions consulting firm and a pioneer of cloud computing. Under Aleksei Korovanenko's leadership, Sales Solutions became trusted Salesforce partner, achieved Gold partner status from Salesforce, and quickly became one one of market leaders in Salesforce consulting in Russia and CIS.

Aleksei Korovanenko is an innovator, an innovative entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder with over 15 years of experience in business leadership and business development, specializing in Salesforce consulting and implementation. He is also a Salesforce expert and consultant, acclaimed and respected nationally and internationally for his expertise in Salesforce. He worked with leading companies such as Uber, Salesforce, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Philip Morris, Wargaming, and Fortune 500 companies, helping them succeed.

Aleksei Korovanenko founded Sales Solutions in 2014. Aleksei led numerous Salesforce solution developments, oversaw project delivery, and implementation for some of the biggest clients in the EMEA region, including Uber, Wargaming, Philip Morris, Yandex, Evraz, Sirona, and more.

Aleksei founded one of the leading Salesforce industry events and conferences in Russia and CIS “Cloud Forum”, and was a keynote speaker. As a keynote speaker, he participated in major conferences, tech and business forums. Conducted Salesforce trainings for CEOs, entrepreneurs, directors, and business stakeholders. He created and wrote the first blog devoted to Salesforce in Russia.

In 2015, Aleksei and his Sales Solutions team achieved and were awarded “Gold” consulting partner status from Salesforce, recognizing the exceptional work done by Aleksei and his team in the market. As stated by Salesforce VP Adam Bukossy, "Aleksei made an outstanding contribution to the development of Salesforce technology in Russia and CIS".

In the Middle East, Aleksei, as an internationally known Salesforce consultant and expert, partnered with PwC Middle East and provided technical leadership to Business Architecture Factory (BAF) project for one of the most prominent and futuristic projects and futuristic cities in the Middle East.

Aleksei is a successful innovative entrepreneur. He founded a successful Grey Tailoring project, one of the pioneering made-to-measure tailoring companies in Russia. Aleksei combined the skills and standards of traditional suit making, the best techniques of the Italian hand-tailored suit production, integrating with the IT Salesforce innovations to create an innovative and unique product on the market. Aleksei established business partnerships with world-leading textile and fashion companies, such as Loro Piana, Zegna, and Principe D’Eleganza. The business achieved rapid success and gained publicity, recognition, and media coverage at major international business events, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and Eastern Economic Forum.

A member of the national organization Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia) - an organization that represents the interests of private businesses, business leaders and innovators.

Aleksei Korovanenko graduated with Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Saint Petersburg State University, one of the top universities in Russia.

Aleksei Korovanenko is an Ironman.